Day 1-BAC- Flowers in the Hills 2-Fredericksburg-34 miles and 1385 feet of climbing.

A 655 plus mile drive from Albuquerque, NM to Fredericksburg, TX. Sooo no blog. Wild AG drive through NM and TX. Only about 60 miles on interstate. Great reception and dinner. A great ride leader and riders. I did the Gypsum mine ride today.

Happy accident. Blew a turn at Lower Crabapple Road and saw the stream.

We got back to the turn and discovered the church and historic schoolhouses. One of 17 in Gillespie County. A couple locals happened up on us and just could not have been nicer.

The return to downtown brought a few pictures of downtown. It is amazing and historic. More of downtown as week goes on. A great bowl of chili with sweet cornbread muffins at Social Haus. A big German population here. Not sure they had anything to do with my restaurant except name only.

Morning Albuquerque ride-23 miles and 463 feet of elevation and evening Isotopes baseball

Easy rollout and made to order breakfast of two perfect eggs over medium, bacon, a piece of french toast with real maple syrup and coffee. Gib. The Paseo del Bosque Trail was nearby and went through my neighborhood to get there. There was a wind advisory, it gusted to 30 mph. It was a great trail.

A couple of houses in the neighborhood I am staying in.

A Breaking Bad locale, I think.

Weather seems iffy. It could be a wait and see on the game. Baseball commerce getting right back in stride. Four rows from home plate.

Orbit-Isotopes mascot

Great time. 50 degrees with the wind blowing, out early. Texas for Flowers in the Hills. Big drive. Peace out Tres dog

Monument Valley, AZ to Albuquerque, NM.


A big sleep and a nice roll out. The changing scenery was amazing and varied.

A stop at Hubbell’s Trading Post. A real interesting view into this area after the Navajo long walk and Hubbell’s help. A very cool store with incredible Navajo handmade art, jewelry and hand woven rugs.

Got to Albuquerque to understand that the Isotopes the Triple A franchise of the Colorado Rockies is playing tomorrow at 6:30 pm. I will be behind home plate.

Next stop was Albuquerque Botanical Garden. A nice green park with space, water and a conservatory.

On to my hotel next to the park and Old Town, Casas de Suenos.

Tomorrow, the Paseo de Bosque bike trail. A slow down in the afternoon and the GAME. Peace out Tres dog

Upper Antelope Slot Canyon tour-Page, AZ.

A good sleep with a couple hour drive to Page. Interesting scenery. In a hurry to get to tour. Will stop on way home. The tour is on Navajo lands and an approved guide is required to tour. It was amazing.

The entrance

The next couple were taken by our Navajo guide, including the featured image.

The exit

A great place for lunch in Page was Birdland. Best fried chicken I have eaten since Leroy Selmon’s in Tampa. Another two hour ride to Monument Valley. Altitude kicking in here.

Out to Albuquerque tomorrow. Easy night tonight. Big peace out Tres dog

Monument Valley Loop Drive

I awoke in the night as older guys do and realized it might be good stargazing. It was! I saw the Milky Way. There is no real light pollution here. I awoke again for the sunrise on my balcony.

I then went back to sleep for 2 more hours. Days had run into each other. A nice continental breakfast and away I went on the valley drive. OMG! This is an incredible wonder and not sure I can do it justice but, here’s trying.

The massive rocks of mesas and buttes were hard to conceive size when close up.

Totem Pole
The Thumb

I must admit, I asked if I could ride my e-bike on the valley floor last night to the security person that regulates entry and he said I could not. He was nice about it. Oh well. The morning drive was a bucket list drive. I drove to Goulding’s for chili and fry bread with Desert Mesquite Honey. Gib!

Early night because of a AM tour of Antelope Canyon outside of Page, AZ. Peace out Tres dog

Palm Springs, CA-Monument Valley, AZ road trip

An early out for a 560 mile drive and the loss of an hour due to a time zone change. Off of I-10 onto CA 177 then CA 62? anyway The heart of the Mojave Desert.

Mariella and I about 26 years ago or so paddled a canoe on the Colorado River in Topock gorge in 105 degree heat. We asked the outfitter “would we fry like bacon”. He very tactfully stated we would not. We swam a lot and it RAINED. River pic below.

There was tons of scenery changes into Kaibab and Coconino Nat’l Forests.

Looong drive to Monument Valley but worth it.

View from my cabin balcony, sweet!

On the valley floor tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

Day 3-Joshua Tree NP-29.5 miles with 1678 feet of elevation.

Featured image top of Hill View.

An early rollout this morning as I headed for the park. Got in free because I am a vet and drove the first turn off the road and parked. The pics are of my chamber of commerce, bucket list bike ride through the magically real world of Dr. Seuss in nature.

After Intersection Rock, I rode to Hill View at 5185 feet, a 5.5 mile up. Incredible.

Down I go
Cap Rock
San Jacinto
Black Rock Nature Center

Super day. Hook up with my bro a little later. Peace out Tres dog