Council Bluffs, Iowa EXTRA

From the interstate, I saw a sign for the Union Pacific Museum AND the Pottawattamie Squirrel Cage Jail.

Golden Spike
Lincoln was in this building in 1859

The jail was encased in cement an 4 stories high. It was a jail for almost 100 years. They quarters for the jail keeper.

Third floor for the most violent inmates
A Lincoln Room
The top of the jail

A great stop! Peace out Tres

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum-KC, MO

Featured image: park in the 18th and Vine area.

I had a change of hotel due to my kayak on the car and had to move outside of downtown. No big deal. Highlight of Kansas City for me was 18th and Vine and the museum. I love the history of this area.

Just great memorabilia.

Satchel Paige
Newt Allen’s uniform
A young Josh Gibson

St Louis downtown.

A 450 mile drive with horrible construction traffic near Nashville got me here a little later than expected. Nice hotel view!

A brisket sandwich at Salt and Smoke next to the park in Cardinal Village. It was hopping!

My seat. Watched Nolan Arenado just loose a HR down the left field line.

Old manual scoreboard from Busch Stadium.

Great stadium.

Check out the kid

Stan the Man

A morning appt. to take the tram up the Arch then to KC.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Blast off! First Stop Bluff View Arts District-Chattanooga, TN.

A 5:30 am rollout got me on the road in quick fashion. Basically a 600 mile drive to a B n B in this Arts district. Very cool.

Lots of Art.

Pregnant whale

Hunter museum. Close to my B’n’B.

Lots of cool green spaces and walkways.

I do not think the pet sign was meant for me.

The bakery!

A nice place to stay and a great first day. Big peace out Tres

Day 8-BAC-Palatka to Vilano Beach-45 miles and 503 feet of elevation.

Last day of riding and it was great. There was an accident with a tandem couple and a car. Quickly sorted out and away we went.

Kathryn, Deb and Chrysa

The trail
More trail
Bridge on the trail
MLK Placard
1964 beach guesthouse
Hotel backyard from 2016 C2C-Atlantic Ocean
2016 C2C post ride party site
208 foot cross
Causeway to Vilano Beach

Post ride dinner to wind up trip. Cap’s on the water. Super ride leaders. 624 miles from my adventures. Some rain days and a mechanical day too. Big peace out. Tres

Day 7-BAC-Deland to Palatka-63.5 miles and 1214 feet of elevation.

Featured image: C2C cycling sister Chrysa, Roomie this trip John, BAC co ride leader Mark and the T dog! An early out on the penultimate day due to wind, distance and chance of weather.

Deb and Chrysa
Lots of peacocks

Too early for lunch at 3 Bananas on Crescent Lake.

Art inside
Dunn’s Creek
T dog and Chrysa

Riverfront hotel room. Going to check out Palatka.

Heading to St. Augustine and wrapping up the trip on Wednesday AM. Big peace out Tres dog

Day 6-BAC-Deland Rest day-14 miles city roll with 283 feet of elevation.

A long, big sleep in with group going to the Ponce de Leon Springs and me staying in town. Nova Lox bagel, good coffee and the Sunday paper. Walked Stetson Univ. then rode it.

Private house
Main drag
Melching Field
Historic AME church
Old hospital
Local cemetery
Back into Stetson
More art
Garden art
Henry Deland House
Volusia Co. Courthouse

I am going to a 2:30 pm matinee of the Hunchback of Notre Dame at the historic Athens Theater. See featured image! Big ride out to Palatka tomorrow. Great city day that is not over. Big peace out Tres dog