Last two days in Yellowstone, Gardiner MT, Chico Hot Springs, Pray, MT and Emigrant, MT.

A cold, windy and gray day got us into the park to climb around Mammoth Hot Springs yesterday. It was a good decision for a half day.

Oh yes it is

A walk in Gardiner, Yellowstone River and around.

Old Jail

Today’s plan has us going to Emigrant , MT and the Chico Hot Springs for me!

Covered wagons on the hill

Hot pool!
Hotel Lobby since 1900ish

Original dining room

A letter from August of 1913, in the dining room, about a guest’s past drinking. It appears he was nervous and needed more spring treatments. LOL.

Mariella’s pictures of the resort. A beautiful setting.

Follow yer Nose BBQ!
Episcopal Church in Emigrant

Our route tomorrow will take us through Yellowstone completely and then Grand Teton to get us to Jackson Hole. Good day to be soaking. Big peace out Tres dog