Kalispell day with side trip to Bigfork

Featured image: another Carnegie Library that was the art museum.

A slow roll out with the wife. A trip to Walgreens then to Wheaton’s bike shop. Nice! We went to the NW Montana History Museum. Very cool.

Lots of taxidermy
Sawmill and pump
Hockaday Art Museum
A walk around town again
Quick side trip to Bigforks
A band in the park

A great day. Internet here in this hotel super. May change in Glacier and hard to post so many pics. Big peace out Tres and the Mariella

4 thoughts on “Kalispell day with side trip to Bigfork

  1. Again, your photography is outstanding. Seeing the Indian Chiefs and also the beautiful animals a reminder we are just visitors and need to protect what’s left.

  2. Another excellent photo essay! So many cool and unique things to see. Thanks for sharing. Did you get yourself a vest?

    Enjoy the nest chapter.

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