Hardin to Bozeman, MT with a stop in Big Timber.

A big sleep for the wife after a big flight and long drive. Hardin had the Milk Bucket Bakery and Cafe open. A scrumptious home made All American breakfast of perfect eggs, thick sliced bacon, fabulous scratch breakfast potatoes, homemade biscuit and coffee. GIB!

A single table honoring veterans on Memorial Day. A lone table and chair with a single candle, a folded upside down American flag, a flower and flag and a plate of sliced lemon and salt. The lemon for the bitterness of loss and the salt from tears. It was really quite moving and had touched the owner to do it. Me too.

Off we went with a stop in Big Timber for a picnic lunch in front of a Carnegie Lubrary
Great little town

A rainy drive to the Sapphire Motel in downtown Bozeman. Weather a little iffy, stay tuned. Big peace out Tres dog