Day 3-Crazy Horse Mountain, Mt. Rushmore and Custer, SD Courthouse Museum.

A long day yesterday got me to take a rest day today. It was a great decision. First stop Crazy Horse Mountain and Museum. Great museum and story.

Chief Henry Standing Bear, a Carlisle educated Native American, wanted to create a legacy of its own heroes and Crazy Horse was the one that was chosen. He asked a Polish immigrant’s son, Korczak Ziolkowski, to create the monument. Korczak was a self taught sculptor but, was well received and an award winner. After WW II service, Korczak agreed to sculpt the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Younger Korczak

There are 3 generations involved in the memorial. They refused 10 million dollars of US grant money so that it’s mission of memorial, museum and university could not be diminished.

Some artifacts from Korczak’s home.

On to Rushmore

Talked to fisherman and said lots of rainbow trout were caught yesterday but, not today.

A quick lunch and turn in Custer. 1880 Courthouse.

Gold miner monument

Devils Tower tomorrow.