Negro Leagues Baseball Museum-KC, MO

Featured image: park in the 18th and Vine area.

I had a change of hotel due to my kayak on the car and had to move outside of downtown. No big deal. Highlight of Kansas City for me was 18th and Vine and the museum. I love the history of this area.

Just great memorabilia.

Satchel Paige
Newt Allen’s uniform
A young Josh Gibson

9 thoughts on “Negro Leagues Baseball Museum-KC, MO

  1. Been to that museum. It’s awesome. Hope you also went to the jazz museum that occupies the other half of the building. Travel on Tres!

  2. Very cool. Having lived in KC as a child and having seen the Kansas City Athletics with Mr. G as a kid, did NOT know that Satchel Paige had played for the KC Monarchs. Shame on me. As others have noted, not that long ago and still so far to go. Great pictures. Did you buy a hat or a jersey?

    Be safe.

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