Travel day-Pre ride-Lafayette to St. Augustine.

A bittersweet early rollout of Lafayette, LA to St. Augustine, FLA. Only 700 miles and I was here. Ride leaders Robyn and Mark and my new roommate, John met me and helped me with all my stuff. Super nice guy. Woke up after about 10 hours for breakfast and laundry. Sorted car and gear and headed for lunch and Lightener Museum.

Amazing BLT and ho made french fries, Leslie! Headed downtown.

Hotel Alcazar-Lightener Museum

Great local collectors, big wheel and little wheel collection of antique bikes juxtapositioned between huge pieces of antique excess from the turn of the century.

Check out the up/down drive train
Head badge on wood frame

Needless to say the Lightener did not disappoint. Flagler built the Hotel Alcazar only to abandon it in the 30’s. Lightener saw it empty and bought it and brought his vast collections of everything to house them.

I walked to the main square for Kookaburra coffee. SUPER! Sat in the square and worked on photos and drank coffee. Saw some Dr. Seuss art. Ooo la la! One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Tks Mom and Dad!

Shout out to my lovely wife!

First social hour and dinner with Day 0 of BAC St. John’s Loop tomorrow. Super nice people and ride leaders. Huge peace out. Tres dog!

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