Ft. Worth Stockyards Extra

After a full week of riding and sightseeing in Texas Hill Country, I came to Arlington for a Texas Rangers baseball game tonight. A loose plan of coming to Ft. Worth was made. I was not disappointed. Let the pics do the talking.


Stockyards Hotel Lobby

A great lunch at H3 Ranch restaurant of Chicken tortilla soup, 3 BBQ spareribs and peach cobbler a la mode to die for. GIB!

Big morning! MLB tonight. Big peace out Tres dog

6 thoughts on “Ft. Worth Stockyards Extra

  1. Tres! This is Bo, met you at at Stockyard. You have such an awesome blog, gonna try to follow your blog as much as possible!

  2. Tres, Hope the road is kind and you enjoy all that it has to offer. As a Detroit Tigers fan, can’t say much about those Texas Rangers. Have fun anyway. Love to follow your adventures. Stay safe and peace out.

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