Day 6-BAC-Luckenbach Short-34.5 miles and 1343 feet of elevation.

Featured image: 4 of the BAC riding crew in our week long ride was at Luckenbach.

My riding partner had bad stomach issues and was taking a day off. I started out solo and although foggy and tons of moisture away I went.

I was riding along the road into Luckenbach with a road run going on. Very cool and support staff very nice and fun.

The fellow riders crossing the proverbial road.

The band played a beautiful George Straits song while I slowly, slowly rolled out.

I got to ride with the 4 for a few miles and across a busy highway. Very experienced and conscientious group this was as well as all the riders this week.

I headed out from the group because Sozial Haus chili called. Incredible.

I got back from lunch and cleaned up. An accidental nap and out I headed for Allstadt Brewery. It reminded me of Ommegang Brewery, outside of Cooperstown, NY. Cool place.

Our performer from last Thursday playing horn!

Texas Rangers memorial statue

One more social hour this evening and out for Dallas tomorrow. Great ride leaders and riders this week. BAC rocks. More to follow! Big peace out Tres dog

3 thoughts on “Day 6-BAC-Luckenbach Short-34.5 miles and 1343 feet of elevation.

  1. You are such a trooper. I guess a rainy day in Texas is expected. Food looks yummy. Stay safe.

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