Paddle Florida Blackwater Paddling Festival-Camp Chowenwaw-10 miles today

It was a beautiful rollout from Casa Smith to Clay County. I was accompanied with SMBC stalwart road biker Dana W and off we went to picnic lunch in a beautiful downtown park in Melrose, Florida.

Easy roll into Camp Chowenwaw. Nice campground with hot showers and a refrigerator.


Great fall off the bone baked chicken dinner with BBQ baked beans, cole slaw, salad, yeast rolls, chocolate chip cookies and sweet tea. Gib! Two great speakers about the King’s botanist John Bartrand and his son, William, exploring the St. John’s River in the 1770’s. They had been in Blackwater Creek in a battoe, an old row boat with a small sail. We would follow their footsteps today in the kayak. The pics.

Life is good

Dana and I went underneath the 15 bridge into the St. John’s River next to take out. It was beautiful.

Another killer dinner with live folk music. An 8 miler up Peters Creek and after lunch away we go back home.

6 thoughts on “Paddle Florida Blackwater Paddling Festival-Camp Chowenwaw-10 miles today

  1. I received such peace and calmness from your photo journal.
    My mouth is watering for some of that baked chicken.
    Love to you and your beautiful, brilliant wife.

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