Day 1-Virginia Creeper Trail from Damascus to WhiteTop and back-37.1 miles and 1753 feet of elevation.

Great conk me on the head sleep and a hot breakfast of egg casserole, fresh biscuits, sausage and it’s gravy if you are so inclined and a bowl of fresh fruit. GIB! A little later roll out than the BAC ride. The trail was beautiful but rougher than my last adventure. All unpaved. The pics.


Taylor Valley.

Green Cove.

White Top.

Down the hill I went, pretty fast. Not as many pics. Some choice ones though.

Ever small but valiant, Bridge 28

While I was taking the sign pic, I noticed an interesting caterpillar on the sign in the back. A close up.

Almost featured image

I will ride to Abingdon, VA to the western terminus and back. Damascus is a very lovely trail town. It is a huge spot for AT Trail Conservancy. I will get more pics tomorrow. Big peace out Tres dog