Road trip from Ruskin, FL to Buffalo, NY. Second stop Pittsburgh, PA.

A 520 mile drive along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains.

Lunch stop

My route had me go over the New River Gorge Bridge. I paddled that Class 5 river in 1993 with some whitewater buddies from Blowing Rock in a single inflatable kayak. No time to stop but will on the way home.

The Great One

The hotel which is across the street from PNC Park is a mini shrine to Pittsburgh pro sports. Great photo of Terry Bradshaw lighting Art Rooney’s cigar!

A breakfast and a 10:00 o’clock appointment at the Warhol Museum and afternoon game at PNC Park of Pirates/Mets.

On wood
My favourite Warhol portrait
Use of neon color
Keith Haring sculpture
Post Picasso

RAINOUT! It’s not even raining. Nothing like PGH on game day. Oh well, exploratory bike ride instead. OMG!

Old big house
For out cat friends

Big house and prison cat cove were the end of the trail. I turned around and headed back. I went a ways.

Not too far on this

On the way back from this end of the trail the heavens opened for 5 minutes. Just enough to soak you completely. This had me pause and take a pedestrian bridge over a big interstate to Troy Hill. Let the pics do the talking!

Came back down the hill and made my way down back to town. With a last stop in the Strip.

Point Park

Ride 25 very urban miles with 778 feet of elevation. I will not normally have this many pics or time for the blog but, it was just so cool. On to Buffalo tomorrow. Filet on the stone tonight maybe Gib! Big peace out Tres Dog

7 thoughts on “Road trip from Ruskin, FL to Buffalo, NY. Second stop Pittsburgh, PA.

  1. Went to Pitt once with work. interesting old town. can’t help but feel somewhat in decay, at leasdt lots of the older industrial areas. kinda sad.
    lots of great pictures, my brothers. thanks for the trip!

  2. Hey, Tres! Tres cool! You may know that my oldest child Mara just graduated from University of Pittsburgh, so I’ve been visiting that city for 5 years. It is SO awesome. I recognized many of your pictures, either having seen the sites in person or recognizing their similarities to Pittsburgh in general. Mara is a huge cyclist and is intimately familiar with PGH routes and terrain. Woulda been a blast for you two to ride together. I have been to a Pirates/Nationals game, and it’s a lovely stadium with a gorgeous skyline backdrop. Anyway, thanks for sharing, and safe trails. XO

  3. Love that you made a stop at Primanti Bros down in the Strip! Excellent photos, and hope that even with the rain, Pittsburgh still shone through. Looks like you went all over the city, and had a blast, loved the photos. Stay safe, and enjoy Buffalo!

  4. How do you have time to drive 520 miles, bike 25 and take all those pictures? Is this a two day stop in Pittsburgh? Bicycle Heaven is another Pittsburgh attraction.

    Love the pictures.

  5. Heinz factory looks like the factory on the cover of Pink Floyd’s “Animal”. Also, I’m sure the Warhol gallery was awesome!

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