Upper Antelope Slot Canyon tour-Page, AZ.

A good sleep with a couple hour drive to Page. Interesting scenery. In a hurry to get to tour. Will stop on way home. The tour is on Navajo lands and an approved guide is required to tour. It was amazing.

The entrance

The next couple were taken by our Navajo guide, including the featured image.

The exit

A great place for lunch in Page was Birdland. Best fried chicken I have eaten since Leroy Selmon’s in Tampa. Another two hour ride to Monument Valley. Altitude kicking in here.

Out to Albuquerque tomorrow. Easy night tonight. Big peace out Tres dog

8 thoughts on “Upper Antelope Slot Canyon tour-Page, AZ.

  1. All those pictures are simply magical, Tres. Thanks for giving me a peek at what I might never see.

    When you say “drive”, are you in a car?

  2. Wow! Terrain is other worldly! Lived in AZ for 60 years and haven’t been there yet. I will add to bucket list! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dude! Those were amazing! Those cavern pictures were other-worldly! The colors and patterns! Photoshop ain’t got nothin’ on Mother Nature. Thank you for sharing. “It’s good to be Tres”! Ride on…

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