Monument Valley Loop Drive

I awoke in the night as older guys do and realized it might be good stargazing. It was! I saw the Milky Way. There is no real light pollution here. I awoke again for the sunrise on my balcony.

I then went back to sleep for 2 more hours. Days had run into each other. A nice continental breakfast and away I went on the valley drive. OMG! This is an incredible wonder and not sure I can do it justice but, here’s trying.

The massive rocks of mesas and buttes were hard to conceive size when close up.

Totem Pole
The Thumb

I must admit, I asked if I could ride my e-bike on the valley floor last night to the security person that regulates entry and he said I could not. He was nice about it. Oh well. The morning drive was a bucket list drive. I drove to Goulding’s for chili and fry bread with Desert Mesquite Honey. Gib!

Early night because of a AM tour of Antelope Canyon outside of Page, AZ. Peace out Tres dog