Day 4-Arizona-Sonora Desert Musuem

A great dinner last night with Bubba and the C2 Cers. Nice to be included. The wife went to the museum after breakfast. It was busy but it was grand.

A great French dinner of the best onion soup we had ever had, salad, orange basil crème sauce on Salmon, Veal Calvados style with potatoes and asparagus. A Pithivier, an almond puff pastry with vanilla ice cream. Wife leaves this AM and I drive to Palm Springs to see my brother. Peace out Tres dog

4 thoughts on “Day 4-Arizona-Sonora Desert Musuem

  1. Tres, good to meet you in person. Glad that you were able to attend dinner with the reunion Coasters this past Friday in Tucson. Regards, Bill Dunn

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