Day 3-Tour de Zona-Tombstone-35.5 miles with 1557 feet of elevation

Another beautiful start out of Sierra Vista and we actually started going downhill first finally on the last day.

A side note about the road on the outskirts of Sierra Vista. The community assist team and the Cochise County Sheriff’s dept. had the road closed all the way into Tombstone. So much of the route had no car traffic. It was great.

A selfie with Stu Carter. A retired USAF colonel who formed VeloVets, 5 years ago, a support group that incorporates cycling with all types of community support with disabled veterans, other veterans and other volunteers. I got to ride with Stu some and a super good guy. Keep up the good work, Stu.

The roll out of town was downhill out of Tombstone but with a stout wind in our face but beautiful scenery.

A good and interesting weekend. A little more March Madness this afternoon and chilling out. Bisbee tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

One thought on “Day 3-Tour de Zona-Tombstone-35.5 miles with 1557 feet of elevation

  1. Dude! It is good to be Tres. You are seeing America at see level. The pictures are great. Thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through your adventures. Ride on, Brotha!

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