Day 2-Tour de Zona-Bisbee loop-37.8 miles with 1778 feet of elevation.

It was a beautiful morning and I got away about 8:15.

At about mile 7, I took a right turn on the route and went over some real bumpy pavement while I was down shifting and got my chain wedged between the inside of the crank and the frame tightly. I could not get it to come out. 2 minutes after I stopped Mark the owner of Sun and Spokes bicycle shop came by and said he would take me to his shop and fix the problem. They did just that. Mark then took me to the bottom of Bisbee and let me reset my ride. Super nice guy. I climbed up through the main drag of Bisbee up to the top and through the Mule Pass Tunnel. I descended for miles into the valley.

Back to barn and lunch at The German Cafe. Zweibel Rahmschnitzel, a perfect pork loin cutlet that is breaded and fried ever so well and covered in the most heavenly roasted onion crème sauce. It was mouth watering along with german mashed potatoes and sweet and sour cabbage. How about that Gib.

Liking Sierra Vista! More about Bisbee in a couple of days. Peace out Tres dog

5 thoughts on “Day 2-Tour de Zona-Bisbee loop-37.8 miles with 1778 feet of elevation.

  1. Tres, be sure to visit the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel if you have time. I am really envious of you wish I could be there too. Your photos are the next best thing to being there. Be safe.

  2. I love the sierra Vista mural. The Rahmschnitzel aand German potato salad sounds “Sehr gut!”. Thanks T-Dawg. Be safe and ride on.

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