Apalachicola Bike tour-travel day and Day 1-36 miles.

Editor’s note: I was able to attend the MLK Parade in Tampa with my incredible wife, Hillsborough County Commissioner and Vice Chairman, Mariella Smith, Monday. It was great

Out the door with one of my oldest friends, Jim, to ride from the beautiful downtown of Apalachicola.

The road in the panhandle

We are staying at 50 Ave F. 50Cherry.com

The place is magical. I will photograph more later. The weather is cooler and there maybe some soup making days ahead. We will take full advantage of it. Great breakfast and I headed out from the house over the Apalachicola Bridge onto the causeway to meet Jim and ride the causeway and bridge to St. George’s Island. Chamber of commerce day.

I met up with Jim and wow!

Out to St. George Island State Park.

The bike trail was always nice here.

Marsh fire outside of Apalachicola

Apalachicola Estuarine Nature Center.

Great day in Apalachicola. Peace out Tres dog

7 thoughts on “Apalachicola Bike tour-travel day and Day 1-36 miles.

  1. Love the pics especially the red convertible.
    Glad to see Jim riding with you
    My favorite commissioner and two of my favorite guys
    Be safe

  2. Great pictures. Interesting that you saw an old fire truck at the parade and then final picture in Apalachicola. Also , did you notice the ring cloud in the ‘chamber of commerce’ picture?

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