Day 12-Molokini Crater and Lāhainā

Last night, Mariella and I went to Grammy awarding Hawaiian slack key music legend, George Kahumoku Jr. and his Slack Key Show Ohana. He and his younger mentored musicians were amazing. He also had a tremendous hulu dancer that was so expressive and graceful. It was a magical evening.

I was up at O’dark thirty to be at a boat that was 30 minutes at 7:15 AM! I was early. Great cup of Maui Roasters coffee. The boat was big and in an hour we were at Molokini Crater. Before we got there we saw whales.

I will upload some images as time allows but internet a little slow. Best snorkeling so far.

I left the boat and scooped up Mariella for a quick walk in downtown Lāhainā. The Old Lāhainā Courthouse was interesting.

It has been a great trip. We leave tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

7 thoughts on “Day 12-Molokini Crater and Lāhainā

  1. Happy New Year, Tres. So glad that you share your adventures with me. Maui is an amazing magical place and you explore with abandon! Soul freeing! Live life like no one is watching expect your readers, whom all love you! Thanks again. Mahalo!

  2. Beautiful trip how wonderful thank you for sharing‼️Safe travels home‼️
    God bless
    Love you both,

  3. Happy New Year to you and Maricela. Looks like you made the most of your time, thanks for sharing your adventure!

  4. Wow! Don and I were at Lahaina but we drove there —very rough ride. So glad you shared those whale and beautiful fish.
    Love to you and Mariella,

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