Day 11 Kapalua Bay and D. T. Fleming Beach, Maui

Another great rollout of Hawaiian coffee and pastries from our balcony overlooking Ka’

Beach. We would go to Kapulua Bay and I would snorkel and Mariella would walk the beach. Best day so far in the water.


We had a picnic lunch at D.T. Fleming Beach

A great day! Internet still spotty. Other images hopefully later. Boat to Molokini Crater tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

2 thoughts on “Day 11 Kapalua Bay and D. T. Fleming Beach, Maui

  1. Tres –
    This series of posts remind me of the year I was fortunate enough to live in Hawaii (a long time ago, right before starting rugby in Charlotte) and all my memories as I explored every inch of every inch of every island. On Maui, I recall my bedroom in Paiai, pushing my racing chair UP the crater, spending the day floating facedown with a snorkel off Molokini, and so much more. Glad y’all are getting to discover the aloha spirit both above and below the water and so happy you are doing some of it on a bike. Aloha! Savicki

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