Oahu-Day 2

A nice sleep and Kona coffee in the french press. We headed to Ho’omuhulia Botanical Garden near us in Kaneohe. Immensely breathtaking and beautiful.

Camping in the garden on the weekends!

Lunch in Chinatown but a stop first.

Chinatown. Statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

Around the corner was the Foster Botanical Garden. WOW!

At the nest

Now the orchids.

It was a great day. More tomorrow. Peace out Tres

8 thoughts on “Oahu-Day 2

  1. If you’re still near Kaneohe, the Byodo-In Japanese temple is worth visiting.
    Hope you both have a wonderful time!
    Love, Tuli

  2. Thanks Tres, Your post was very timely. For me, nothing cures the blues like nature. And Oahu has nature in abundance. Now I have to go there some day. I have been to Maui. The pictures and enthusiasm are a great present to me at the holidays. Peace, health happiness.

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