Pre Bubbafest- Key Largo, FLA-35.75 miles and 179 feet of elevation.

I headed out yesterday from Casa Smith and was slowed to crawl in Bradenton/Sarasota, Finally got around. My friend John had gotten to Amoray Resort, 15 minutes before me from Ohio. Gray and windy.

Fish House dinner.

John and I awoke to bad weather and decided to ride since our snorkeling trip had been changed to Sunday due to weather. It started raining pretty good the first couple of miles and made me rethink going south. John and I were wet already and we pressed on. We were rewarded.

We went to Tavernier and then to Islamorada. The Rain Barrel!

A collada at the Rain Barrel with the little cups. John’s first. It was fab! A fish sandwich at Doc’s once we got back to Key Largo. A swim and easy time. Key Largo Conch House tonight! Peace out Tres dog