Cooperstown, NY part 4

I went to the Russian Orthodox Monastery in Jordanville, NY for a tour. I took a town loop ride before the tour. Very very short.

The Russian museum was incredible.

Icon corner

The church.

Note: the fiery depths of hell
Our guide. Super nice man

The church below the church.

It was an amazing visit. I still smell the incense. Went to Canajoharie to scout out rail trail ride for last full day.

Steel bridge part of trail

Quick look at Hyde Hall.

Last full day tomorrow while the rail trail calls. Peace out Tres dog

5 thoughts on “Cooperstown, NY part 4

  1. Tres finds religion! Just kidding. Note the fiery depths of Hell. Looks amazing and inspiring. NY is a beautiful state, especially in the autumn. What about the Baseball Hall of Fame? Isn’t that a big attraction in Cooperstown? Just curious. Be safe and keep finding your peace. Love it! AmL

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