Pre Bubbafest- John Pennekamp State Park

Featured image photo credit: the internet universe via the wife. Midnight Parrotfish. Stunning.

We finally got to snorkel at 12 noon today. It was wild because a woman waiting for the trip had a dog that bit someone and then she took it on the boat. They threw her off with her dog and her husband. Can’t make it up.


Then, we had to rescue or stay with a boat that was dead in the water until the USCG came. Delayed our trip.

I had a fish eye attachment that had gotten some water in it somehow. Salvaged a coupled of pics. Not my usual quality but, it was great to be in the water. I have removed the attachment. Dry Tortugas Thursday.

Ride starts tomorrow

Stout Gumbo Limbo‘s. Ride starts tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

Pre Bubbafest-Long Key State Park

The wind continued to be whistling 15-20 mph making an open water paddle really too hard. John and I had a great breakfast at the Hideaway on the water and started driving down the Keys. If any paddling was to be done it would need to have some protection.

The shore from the park where I camped while on Paddle Florida.

Nice paddle. Pennekamp has stated that they may or may not run a snorkeling trip tomorrow after they check the visibility. We will know tomorrow. Steak and the World Series tonight. Bubbafest tomorrow afternoon. Go Braves! Peace out Tres dog

Pre Bubbafest- Key Largo, FLA-35.75 miles and 179 feet of elevation.

I headed out yesterday from Casa Smith and was slowed to crawl in Bradenton/Sarasota, Finally got around. My friend John had gotten to Amoray Resort, 15 minutes before me from Ohio. Gray and windy.

Fish House dinner.

John and I awoke to bad weather and decided to ride since our snorkeling trip had been changed to Sunday due to weather. It started raining pretty good the first couple of miles and made me rethink going south. John and I were wet already and we pressed on. We were rewarded.

We went to Tavernier and then to Islamorada. The Rain Barrel!

A collada at the Rain Barrel with the little cups. John’s first. It was fab! A fish sandwich at Doc’s once we got back to Key Largo. A swim and easy time. Key Largo Conch House tonight! Peace out Tres dog

Cooperstown, NY part 4

I went to the Russian Orthodox Monastery in Jordanville, NY for a tour. I took a town loop ride before the tour. Very very short.

The Russian museum was incredible.

Icon corner

The church.

Note: the fiery depths of hell
Our guide. Super nice man

The church below the church.

It was an amazing visit. I still smell the incense. Went to Canajoharie to scout out rail trail ride for last full day.

Steel bridge part of trail

Quick look at Hyde Hall.

Last full day tomorrow while the rail trail calls. Peace out Tres dog

Cooperstown, NY-part one

I came to Cooperstown BAC week long bike ride. Some mechanical issues have sidelined me but, hope to resolve tomorrow morning. A perfect opportunity to see the many sights. Featured image, The Otesaga Resort Hotel.

Hall of Fame

Ommegang Brewery. Belgian brewery.

The Farmer’s Museum. Just amazing.

Hand carved wooden carousel horses. My horse was Buttercup!

An afternoon train ride on the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad. It was great.

More to see and do. Stay tuned. Peace out Tres dog