Day 68-Portland, ME last day

I came back for the last day of the ride. It was bittersweet ending to a long tour.

I am the one in jeans and a Rays hat.

I will get to have a visit with an old friend and his wife in Sudbury, MA for the next two days. Peace out Tres dog

10 thoughts on “Day 68-Portland, ME last day

  1. Glad you made it back to your crew.
    you know it’s not too late to take up ice hockey.
    Michael Pinney

  2. Glad to see you in Portland with your fellow coasters. Thanks for the WI bacon and Marfa coffee. All part of your story.

  3. I know it didn’t end quite the way you wanted it to, but lasting memories and friendships were made and what a ride!
    We anxiously await your return to Florida and your gang here . Time to pull ourselves together!

  4. So glad you got to be back with the pack for the last day! I’m also happy you’re ok! Will look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  5. Proud of you and the group that said YES to this challenge.
    The miracle is always the courage to start. It has been a privilege to follow along. Wishing all the riders and support crew good health and good memories.

  6. Tres Dawg! I hope you got a delicious lobstah roll while in Maine! Didn’t realize you had a spill a couple weeks back, hope recovery is going great. Headed to Tokyo later this week, but would love to catch up locally in September!

  7. Tres, thanks for letting us go along for your ride. Hope that you continue to recover! I’ll stick to painting.
    Wishing you well, 💞 Tuli

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