Day 35-Fargo, ND to Fergus Falls, MN-63.3 miles with 488 feet of elevation.

Featured image: Fergus Falls City Hall from river walkway.

A quick goodbye to the Catholic Cathedral in Fargo. I forgot to put it in the blog yesterday.

It was a flat rollout with the wind at our back while we went through Moorhead, MN to a very rural route.

A roll through Barnesville where they have potato days.

The miles really seemed to roll along.

Snow plows
The county name is correct

Then, a couple of miles of gravel amongst some big AG.

Signage coming in to Fergus Falls.

A nice SAG lunch and a quick scoot downtown to the historic downtown. A Minnesota version of my Whaler at home, The Sweet Pea.

Downtown really cool.

I went by The Pawnshop and spotted a bike in the window. I went in and got to meet Cory “Lunchbox” Linden. I asked if the nickname had anything to do with size and his appetite and he quickly stated that it did. Super nice guy to talk to. I helped him understand the value of the bike and found a gift for my neighbor. Just cool.

The courthouse and City Hall were great.

A great ride today with a longer tomorrow and week. We are in our 5th state! Peace out Tres dog