Day 34-Rest day-Fargo, ND

Featured image photo credit: Mariella Smith

An early out of Panera coffee and pastry, bike clean and a great massage. I got back and headed for downtown again for another great Bernbaum deli lunch.

I met some riders downtown and they were doing a walking tour of murals. I got a few before going to lunch.

Meadowlark Building

Lunch called, stomach alarm and Bernbaum’s did not disappoint. After hearing my fellow riders talk about the bike trail I went on Trail Link and found the closest spot to me. Went north and saw a American Legion Baseball field. Very nice.

I came south and the trail was like this.

Railroad underpass on the bike trail

I crossed the Red River bridge and was in Moorhead, MN. The sister city of Fargo. The river is the state line. I was to see Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead. There was a local, Robert Asp, that aspired to build a antique Viking ship and did so.

Another local wood craftsman built an 1140’s replica Stave church from using a preexisting church in Norway as a model.

Last but not least the center had a Nationally juried quilt exhibit about refugees that was mind blowingly incredible. I will try to show you the best.

It was an amazing exhibit. A parting shot of the Cass County Courthouse in Fargo. Peace out Tres dog

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