Day 28-Dickinson, ND to SAG-25.6 miles and some elevation.

A little later rollout because of the rain and change in temp. It was a gray day with a cold headwind knocking us back. I was kitted up but needed my vest a mile or two into the ride. This did not last long but, kept rolling. Later, on went my raincoat. It helped for a minute but, I was really chilled. I stopped at the SAG and it took some hours before the chill went away. It also began raining pretty good. We did get to hole up in a one of a kind antique place. The owner was lovely.

The owner and my roommate, Tom

We had lunch in Hebron, ND. It was hot and good. Into Mandan, ND for another rest day. Bowling alley right behind the hotel.

Warm up. Peace out Tres dog

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