Day 24-Wolf Point to Sidney, MT-77.5 miles and 2402 feet of elevation

The record heat was forcing us to leave by 5 am and what a good decision.

The wind earlier in the morning is not as hard and it would be at us all day. A nice temperate roll out really until a 10:30 am breakfast on Culbertson, MT. I did not take a lot of these photos.

Photo credit: Amy Russell
Missouri River. Photo credit: Gayle Cepparo
Photo credit: Gayle Cepparo
Photo credit: Amy Russell

A real change in the landscape and the headwinds were worse after lunch.

The headwind and the heat were unrelenting. I got a SAG at 77.5 miles. The route was over 94! Another early rollout tomorrow probably due to the heat. Peace out Tres dog