Day 47-Kalamazoo, MI to ER. Day 48-Rest day- Albion, MI.

An easy rollout that meant to be a very easy day on the Kalamazoo River Trail.

Tried to move it but, nothing happens

At mile 9, I took a sharp 90 degree right onto a long wood bridge, toward the end I needed to turn a 90 degree left and the surface was slick with moss and water. Local Florida lingo for my riding buds and me is “greasy bridge”. My bike slid and both wheels came off the pavement, parallel and before I knew it gravity had brought me back down to earth with a big thud. I hit the left side of my head, helmet caught the blow and did not break, left shoulder, elbow, hip-worst offender because the pain radiates across my pelvis and lower back and left knee. I lay there a minute or two just kind of moaning and cussing. The craziest thing happened next Chrysa and Rich came up behind me and Chrysa asked if I was alright. Right after that, she put on her brakes and fell on her previously fractured elbow. Unbelievable! Then, Rich put on his brakes and down he went as well, It was surreal. There was healed road rash on my left elbow and knee from a fall on the same side 41 days ago. You can’t make this up. I hit way harder this day. Off to local ER to get hip x-ray. It was negative and away I went to lunch and the hotel. Sore as anything and everywhere it seemed.

Photo credit: Ray Goodfellow-opportunist!

We had friend visiting from Fenton, MI and we went to dinner. Jim and Lois offered any help I would need.

I made a plan with Jim and Lois to get picked up tomorrow and spend a night with them, then Wednesday, Jim will drive me to Detroit airport for a non stop flight on Wednesday. I plan to return the Saturday before the last ride in Portland and hopefully ride the last leg. Will need time to recover and will do it at home. Peace out Tres dog

Day 42-Rest Day in Witten berg, WI.

We were met by 2 of our 2016 coasters, Robyn and Mark, for dinner last night They were at a ride north of us and came with Amish cookies. It was a great visit. A much needed rest day. Laundry, bike clean and a roll into town for lunch.

Onward tomorrow to the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field, Green Bay. Peace out Tres dog

Day 41-Colby to Wittenberg, WI- 70 miles and 1863 feet of elevation.

Featured image photo credit: Tom Coe

Another early roll out into this bucolic Wisconsin farmland.

Roads, paved and gravel limestone trails.

Downtown Wittenberg

A little farmland to make it interesting.

Two 2016 coaster friends, Robyn and Mark, are meeting us here for dinner tonight. We are looking forward to it. We have ridden 7 days in a row, over 500 miles with some elevation. Happy for a rest day. Peace out Tres dog

Day 40-Chippewa Falls to Colby-Abbotsford, WI-71.4 miles with 3022 feet of elevation.

It was a little later rollout but, not a lot.

The signage was great all day. This one reminded me of Mariella

I rode with Rich and Chrysa until lunch in these amazing farms and forests.

After my SAG lunch I was able to watch the Mennonite and Amish farmers leaving church in horse drawn carriages, cars and the youth on bicycles. It is Sunday.

A little later in the day I was able to pass one of these carriages. The hand built carriages were beautiful and the elegance of the single horse pulling the carriage with such discipline, power and finesse. A bucket list thrill for this bike rider.

We rode on into town of Colby for a festival and a free milkshake.

Central Wisconsin Concertina Club
Tractor pull

A beautiful day and glad to be done. One more riding day and a much needed rest day Peace out Tres dog