Day 22-Malta to Glasgow, MT-71 miles and 1011 feet of elevation

The heat wave is on us and we were at Breakfast a little after 5 am and out by 5:35 am and it was 60 degrees. Beautiful roll out.

Lake Bowdoin
Pretty sleepy
Photo credit: Amy Russell

Pit stop at Pip’s diner. Breakfast there looked great. Saco had some hippie overtones.

It got greener and the mountains added some nice change, as in the featured image, instead of flat to rolling brown.

Lunch SAG at Hinsdale. We ate lunch at 9:45 am! It was all about the heat.

It was hotter after lunch and became hotter. The land got flatter and browner. Into Glasgow at 94 degrees at about 12:30.

Same strategy for tomorrow with less miles. Early dinner. GO LIGHTNING! GO RAYS! Peace out Tres dog.