Day 21-Rest day in Malta MT

A sleep in after watching a 5-1 Lightning victory in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals and a good break fast. A bike clean and a short walk of town. Stopped in Hank’s Hardware. Dave and Kayla had a game room above the hardware. The locals have a deep respect for hunting for sustenance and not sport unless there is a nuisance animal bothering the cattle or wildlife.

A few of us met up at the Hotel and walked to the The Great Dinosaur Museum and the Phillips County Museum.

A door stop at one time

There is a Great Dinosaur Trail in Montana

Jenn Hall’s artwork
More Jenn Hall artwork

The Phillips County museum was next, my favorite.

Early rehab

House and trail next to museums.


Great rest day. Heat is on the way so, blogs will shorten due to getting down the road. Peace out Tres dog

6 thoughts on “Day 21-Rest day in Malta MT

  1. amazing as always.
    how about those lightning. The lightning can do something’s Montreal cannot do.
    it’s going to be tough because the lightning can do the things Montreal can do better than Montreal. amazing trip and you got to watch the lightning!

  2. Great pictures again! Seeing all the small towns and interesting sights along the the way is one of the things that I liked best about bike touring. I did a lot of tours through the midwest states.

  3. Great pictures! Not so much the animals, but, you know I love the building shots. Plus the country outfits. And the early halo! Glad you had a good day, got to see the Lightning and a new battery! “It’s good to be Tres”! Ride on…

  4. Very interesting museum artifact. The dinosaur is quite a find. Hope you had a good rest and the heat is not as bad as we are hearing. Stay safe.

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