Day 9-Coeur’d Alene to Wallace, ID-74.8 miles and 3620 feet of climbing.

A nice start through the city of Coeur’d Alene and downtown was great and out. The trail was great.

Fred and me on Lake Coeur’d Alene.

Photo credit: Janet Casto

Our route took us into a gravel road and then some bushwhacking.

Photo credit; Chrysa Niewald

We got to a gravel road and out. SAG.

I took off after the SAG believing I was on route. I climbed a big hill and had crested to get the SAG truck to tell me that I was off course. I got a pic.

I went back done quick and rejoined the group on course.

This time the route was impassable. We later learned from the Trail maintenance crew of The Trail of the Coeur’d Alenes that this particular route was not supported but, was still used by cyclists. We had to reroute and it was to hop on I-90 for 19 miles. Cyclists were allowed on this stretch of interstate. We had to summit Fourth of July Pass.

Photo credit: Amy Russell
Photo credit Amy Russell

We exited off at Catalda to find our SAG lunch and the Trail of the Coeur’d Alenes.

Warren is cool.

Internet sketchy so that’s why blog is late. So happy for rest day. Peace out Tres dog

Extra! I saw long time wheelchair rugby player of the Portland Pounder, Max Woodberry. It was great to see a WC rugby peeps. It is a small world.

8 thoughts on “Day 9-Coeur’d Alene to Wallace, ID-74.8 miles and 3620 feet of climbing.

  1. I know how it feels to get off the rout, I did that in England. Looking forward to seeing you in the Keys!

  2. Definitely some exciting activities to go along with the beautiful scenery.. Keep on hammering. Looking good Tres.

  3. I think that is some of the most beautiful scenery in our country. Looks like you’re loosing weight. Hope it is intentional. Stay safe!

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