Day 7-Coulee City to Davenport, WA-60 miles and 2021 feet of elevation

Our hotel, Ala Cozy Motel, was a sweet little piece of comfort with a cool neon past and present of Americana with a fairly new owner, Karen. She was so accommodating. Great stay.

Photo credit: Amy Russell

A nice group roll out with more awe inspiring vastness as we went.

Group shot at SAG.

Photo credit: Chrysa Niewald

We were making pretty good time and had to slow down because in Wilbur, WA we were stopping for Billy’s Burgers. The operator would have dinner for us tonight.

Great early lunch and on we went. I had a strange sound and sensation while riding after lunch break. A weird sound and a couple puffs of air on the inside of my left calf. I kept on going and noticed a little later the rear tire was soft. This is the e motor rear wheel wheel that is bolted to the frame. Rich came up while I was reading the frame to change the tire and he was a huge help. I had everything in the bike bag to do the job including a spare tire. I got the change half way done including removing the wheel and saw the big cut into the tire. Steve of Alpaca finished the change and away I went, 5 minutes later.

The terrain changed again and it was beautiful.

Photo credit: Janet Casto

Our longest day tomorrow and into another state, Idaho. Peace out, Tres dog.

One thought on “Day 7-Coulee City to Davenport, WA-60 miles and 2021 feet of elevation

  1. What do I know, but, it sounds like evident was more trouble that just old Sokol pedaling. Loved the Cozy Motel and Billy Burgers neon. Ride on!

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