Day 0-Loop ride of Bellevue, Lake Washington, U of W Arboretum, East Seattle-23.7 miles with 1376 feet of elevation.

Top-Featured image photo credit: Tom Coe.

A great breakfast by the staff of Alpaca Adventures at the Marriott in downtown Bellevue. A group roll out to get acclimated to our bicycles again.

It was at this point that my roommate, the famous “Ice Cream” Tom Coe, and I left our group for some off route exploration. A couple of blocks away we found the SR 520 bike route that goes across Lake Washington. What a beautiful multi purpose trail. Also we met 2 Wisconsonites that went to Tom’s college. Had a 20 minute visit with total strangers. I will let the pictures do the talking.

We left there to come back for lunch. Through the great neighborhood that took us from the SR 520 bridge to arboretum and back. Love this signage and roundabout.

Back across the bridge and onto the other side of the SR 520 bike route. The burger place MAY be the local favorite of Bill Gates.

A quick heartfelt thanks to all my incredible friends for there generous out pouring of safe well wishes. I was humbled by the response. All my best for now. Peace out Tres dog

I am on the job!