Prologue to C2C 2021-Seattle, WA to Portland, ME.

I am heading out on our year overdue C2C rode of the Northern Tier of the United States with Alpaca Adventures. Many people to thank, first and foremost, my wife the commish. I would not be where I am at without my lovely wife Mariella.

So many other people to thank. All my riding partners including the lunatic fringe of my bike club, SMBC. They are the best. Carl Strong for building me the best custom steel coupled road bike ever. The highly innovative crew at Calfee Designs for retro fitting my first Strong bike with a great e motor and also great tech support which will help me get through this tough tour. I have a fib and the bike will help.

I also need to thank all the great people at Perfect Fit and Fix in Largo, Florida. Paul, Cesar, Ted and Liz.

It was a early ride with my neighbor, Russ to hope on the non stop Alaska Airlines to Seattle.

A long afternoon putting the baby together and need some pro help down the street at Gregg’s Cycle in Bellevue. I am straightened out now.

A real nice group of folks and some great old friends. Washington is beautiful. Our first dinner tonight. Kind of knackered. Little set up ride tomorrow then off on Wednesday. Peace out Tres

Microsoft to the right.

17 thoughts on “Prologue to C2C 2021-Seattle, WA to Portland, ME.

  1. Congrats Tres I believe Rose is in your group……..I live in Akron Ohio and will meet up Rose Peckham Smith in Westlake Ohio

    Fellow C2C 2019 rIders

    Hope you liked my book

    Take care Clarence Bechter Good Luck and God Bless

  2. We will be thinking of you! Have fun and be careful. Looking forward to all your posts –
    Love from both of us- Leslie and tony

  3. There will be some gorgeous scenery. I look forward to watching as it unfolds! Stay safe, and have fun! tu

  4. yowza! so, this is it?
    you are off to accomplish this huge challenge, now?

    wicked psyched for you, brother. easy does it, but do it!

    best wishes for a safe, fun, challenging experience

  5. looking forward to the photos of your next great adventure. stay safe, ride free and live

  6. I am excited for you and look forward to joining you (with your posts) on this fabulous adventure.

  7. “It’s good to be Tres”! Enjoy. I look forward to seeing America from your view point. Be safe. Please provide food reviews of any restaurants. Roll on!

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