Day 22-Malta to Glasgow, MT-71 miles and 1011 feet of elevation

The heat wave is on us and we were at Breakfast a little after 5 am and out by 5:35 am and it was 60 degrees. Beautiful roll out.

Lake Bowdoin
Pretty sleepy
Photo credit: Amy Russell

Pit stop at Pip’s diner. Breakfast there looked great. Saco had some hippie overtones.

It got greener and the mountains added some nice change, as in the featured image, instead of flat to rolling brown.

Lunch SAG at Hinsdale. We ate lunch at 9:45 am! It was all about the heat.

It was hotter after lunch and became hotter. The land got flatter and browner. Into Glasgow at 94 degrees at about 12:30.

Same strategy for tomorrow with less miles. Early dinner. GO LIGHTNING! GO RAYS! Peace out Tres dog.

Day 21-Rest day in Malta MT

A sleep in after watching a 5-1 Lightning victory in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals and a good break fast. A bike clean and a short walk of town. Stopped in Hank’s Hardware. Dave and Kayla had a game room above the hardware. The locals have a deep respect for hunting for sustenance and not sport unless there is a nuisance animal bothering the cattle or wildlife.

A few of us met up at the Hotel and walked to the The Great Dinosaur Museum and the Phillips County Museum.

A door stop at one time

There is a Great Dinosaur Trail in Montana

Jenn Hall’s artwork
More Jenn Hall artwork

The Phillips County museum was next, my favorite.

Early rehab

House and trail next to museums.


Great rest day. Heat is on the way so, blogs will shorten due to getting down the road. Peace out Tres dog

Day 20-Chinook to Malta, MT-67 miles with 600 feet of elevation

A nice early roll out to beat the heat of the day. It was beautiful to start. Not many pictures today due in large part to just getting it done.

SAG at Harlem. Cool iron town signs

A baby Payday from SAG.

Photo credit: Janet Casto

Land got dryer and less green after lunch. We had to stop and take a picture of this dog and his friend and he started to come towards us and off we went.

Janet and Fred riding on the moon with me

We have a rest day in Malta which should be interesting. A dinosaur museum and general laziness, sloth and gluttony. LOL. My new battery is here and charged and should address my ongoing issue. Peace out Tres dog.

Day 18-Cut Bank to Chester, MT-65 miles with 900 feet of elevation.

It was an earlier rollout today. This would become the day of the trains, grains, plains and wind.

Chrysa on the mend and on the bike
Lunch SAG outhouse

A windy mostly at a decent angle until later in the day. My second battery is not doing what it is supposed to with longevity. More will always be revealed in these situations. Payday bar at SAG yesterday. Shout out to the Four Horseman. Peace out Tres dog

Day 17-St. Mary’s to Cut Bank, MT-64 miles with 2525 feet of elevation.

A bittersweet rollout of East Glacier. It is an amazing place. Incredible morning views.

Big hill coming out of St. Mary’s with spectacular views.

Got to the top. What views! To enter the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and the Montana prairie farm country.

Janet and I
Bureau of Indian Affairs Route 8

A preacher on the road for his belief. I introduced myself and we took pictures.

SAG Lunch on the road.

Cut Bank.

Downtown billboard art

Longer flatter days ahead. Peace out Tres dog

Day 16-Going-To-The-Road-To-The-Sun-East Glacier National Park-15 miles and some elevation.

A quick bear picture from West Glacier.

We had a 2 hour SAG drive to get to the east side of Glacier at St. Mary Montana. It was raining and cold and we waited as we were able to get in a couple of rooms and hoped the rain would stop and it did. I was to ride with a couple of friends to get into the park, take pictures and be a tourist.

It started raining when we got in the park and then it stopped. We were tourists and rode to Rising Sun. We turned to big tough wind and clouds. Had lunch and after a short ride in the rain. Others went further. Sketchy internet. More pics hopefully later. Peace out Tres dog