TNT-Tour in Tucson Day 1 and 2

Coupling days together because of a Wifi outage at the hotel. We started out on a beautiful day and had a nice roll out. I was riding with a fellow coaster Pete McCabe. He rode in 2014 and was SAG on our 2016 trip.

We were doing fine until we missed a turn that put us a few miles off route. We got back to the route and home we went.

It was hot and it was good to get back to the barn. We had decided not to allow this to happen again the next day well…it did. I blew a turn getting on the loop and went the wrong direction for miles because of the beauty of the roll. Wind at our back, beautiful scenery and no traffic.

We figured we would retrace our footsteps after enjoying more of the loop.

If you are going to be lost the best guy to do that with is Pete. Tomorrow is another day. Miles ridden.

4 thoughts on “TNT-Tour in Tucson Day 1 and 2

  1. I think your journals are fabulous and love the travelogue. Keep making those wrong turns and we will rename you “Wrong Way Tres”

  2. Dawg! I love the mosaic tower with the history of Santa Cruz. Thought of Cat Stevens, “Miles from Nowhere”…take the path less traveled! Enjoy.

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