The day after the day…

It was decided that a 17.5 mile urban and loop ride would be done with a stop at the St. Phillips Plaza flea market on the loop. The commish looked like a natural the bike lanes of traffic in Tucson and on the loop.

We had a great ride and got back around noon and it was getting warm. We went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum which is next to the Saguaro National Park. It is amazing.

We saw hummingbirds, bobcat, rattlesnakes, lizards and prairie dogs Featured image credit to my wife Mariella Smith. It may be the picture of the trip. Oh and cactus!

I got my gear for the week long wagon wheel bike ride out of the Lodge on the Desert. Stoked. Dinner tonight. I ride with the group tomorrow. PeaPeace

April 9, 1988

This is the day that I married my lovely wife 33 years ago at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Downtown Tampa. What a day and what a life! I was able to ride the area this morning in a little 25 miler to get my bearings reestablished. Tucson is the most bicycle friendly city in America. Off to the loop.

There is an old racetrack that had come a park and it was open and I went in and took some pics and actually rode a small piece of the race track.

A fellow came up and stated I should not be in here. I left with my experiences and pics. There will be many more pics of the Loop as the week progresses. A local favorite.

The wife and I have a plan for the rest of the day which was to include Tucson Botanical Garden.

We had an early reservation at a restaurant near the top of Campbell Rd. called Vivace and it was wonderful. The food and the view. Sunset from the top.

We had tickets for the Oscar nominated animated film shorts at The Loft Theater. What the wife did not know was that I had gotten the marquee done with a message of our anniversary. I went by earlier by bike.

The wife was stunned and it was really hard for me to keep the secret. I succeeded and Mariella was blown away. The shorts were tremendous in an open air theater behind the theater. It was a great day. Peace out. Tres