On to Tucson

A very early morning rollout from the El Capitan Hotel in Van Horn. Nice breakfast and out before the sun was up. I got to watch it come up while I drove to Carlsbad Caverns.

I had about 100 mile drive to the caverns pretty much all on my own. The top featured image is El Capitan of Guadalupe Mountains. The views were staggering.

I was able to go into the cavern in the first group. I went down the elevator due to time and was alone in the cavern for almost 35-40 minutes. The Carlsbad Caverns were mine. The Grandaddy of all show caves. I took lots of pics but will attempt to show only the best.

Historic early spelunkers

The time inside the cavern was transformational. I chanted a few ohm’s for harmonic resonance. Incredible sound. I had a 15 minute conversation with a park ranger who was a geologist and spelunker. A great morning and then back to the drive.

I was passing through changing states and different styles and types of deserts with dust and wind storms that could move the car. In Tucson with the wife and let the exploring begin. Peace out Tres

5 thoughts on “On to Tucson

  1. I am envious. You are heading to one of my favorite places, Tucson Arizona. Three things you must do. Go see the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, visit the western TV and movie set Old Tucson and ride your bike to the top of Mount Lemmon. Keep the pictures coming. I am enjoying them immensely.

  2. I love the views from El Capitan and the “early spelunkers” ladder. Also, you doing “ohm” is so Tres! Have a great time with Mauri.

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