Bike packing trip-Little Manatee River State Park-40.78 miles

I had planned to return to this park because I did not last trip. It would be half the trip the first one was. That did not break my heart.

The route down US 41 South beyond the Little Manatee River is pretty and not a huge amount of traffic. The left turn into Valroy Rd. and toward Sundance is like Buckeye Rd., quiet and pastoral. Sometimes very windy.

Home Sweet Home.

Great hot shower, nap then orange spice herbal tea. A backpacking meal of Shepherd’s pie that was amazingly good with a little chocolate. Sundown walk was lovely.

Long bear like sleep with the usual interruptions. It was cold again, down to 45 degrees. Kept me in the bag until it was warmer. Site 25.

A slow roll out of the park and the canoe launch.

Little Manatee River from US 301. Great one night trip. Be safe. Peace out Tres

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