Apalachicola Day 6-Ralph G. Kendrick Dwarf Cypress Boardwalk in Tate’s Hell State Forest

Editor’s note: Above featured image photo credit-Mariella Smith. The day had its usual slow roll out of breakfast and e paper. We would go back to the forest due to the threat of rain. I was ready early and took to the bike again for an urban bike ride and to mail a couple of post cards. Historic lobby and beautiful homes.

We went back to the forest and drove to the boardwalk on forest roads.

The dwarf cypress forest was surreal. It seemed there was a swathe removed from it only to allow it to grow back.

Below photo credit: Mariella Smith

Quick lunch at our place with a quick walk downtown.

Home tomorrow. Thanks for coming along. Happy New Year to all. Peace out from Tres and the commish.

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