Apalachicola Day 3- 33 plus miles

It was decided earlier that I would take my classic, old favorite ride east bound on US 98 over the Apalachicola bridge and causeway. Mariella would go to Tate’s Hell State Forest for some more walking.

This stretch of US 98 between Apalachicola and Carrabelle may be the prettiest coastal road in Florida. For the cyclist, the wind is a huge factor. Eastbound, the wind was hitting me head on at 10-15 mph and non stop. I got off the causeway, US 98, to hop on the scenic byway.

This took me to the bridge over to St. George Island bridge OR the fishing pier bridge. I went to the pier.

I got back on the scenic route until in Eastpoint I had to get back on US 98. The route is beautiful.

US 98

After a 15 mile headwind ride. I saw the turnoff for Tate’s Hell State Forest. I saw a nice picnic table and a good forest service road and I decided I would go into the forest. It was a tale of two rides. So cool.

A 4 1/2 mile turn in the forest and saw a bobcat and a long thin bright green snake sunning itself. The turn put the wind at my back for an easy putt home.

Back to town and some 13 mile seafood for tonight. Fresh Yellow Tail Tuna Steaks and steamed shrimp.

XL large. Best I have had. I had to take a sample. More pics tomorrow of historic downtown. Kayak paddle up Scipio Creek tomorrow. Peace out Tres

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