Apalachicola Day 2

It was already decided that we would hike in the Apalachicola Nat’l Forest. Some quick research had us going to Wright’s Lake Recreation Center in the forest. Up the forest service roads off of Route 65.

Wright’s Lake was beautiful.

We headed out with lunch in the back pack. It was so still. It felt like the forest was just ours and for most of the day it was.

We got to a creek with a bend in the trail.

We had to cross Coffee Branch Creek on a single board

The trail and the forest were amazing.

There was a type of sink with cypress trees in them made this incredible image.

It was time for lunch and it was great.

We walked a little further and we had gotten back to the car on a glorious North Florida afternoon.

The drive back down Route 65 afforded us these images.

Fresh local crab cakes and veggie steamer. Big ride tomorrow. Peace out Tres

2 thoughts on “Apalachicola Day 2

  1. Thrilled to witness, you living your best life, my brother. Be. here. Now. And that’s what these blogs illustrate for me… you being here now.

    Love you tres dog

  2. Tres, Thank you for sharing our beautiful piece of Florida with those that understand the beauty of it! We look forward to your return to Apalachicola, Anna-Maria

    And–you are giving me new ideas for “stay-cations” with our family!

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