Bike packing trip Lake Manatee State Park-82.5 miles

I have had a bucket list type of a ride to do from my house. A self contained bike camping trip to a couple of state parks. I kitted up my Rivendell and yesterday I rolled out.

The plan was a two nighter with tent and most meals on board. The route was an old round trip bike ride favorite to Rutland Ranch Road, 22 years ago. The rollout was great with the wind pushing me down US 41. The wind caught me and my tank across Buckeye Rd. Next stop, Parrish. No PJ’s sandwich shop. Fried chicken from Los Primos. Rutland Ranch Rd.


SR 64 and bridge over creek into Lake Manatee.

Site 26 Home Sweet Home. Electricity and water. Killer hot shower. Beautiful day to ride.

MRE of Mountain House Beef Stroganoff. Good and filling. Payday bar and sunset.

The night was long, dark, cold and full of nature breaks. Smartwool, goose down and patience. A long sleep finally had the sleeping bear up for instant Starbucks and Irish oatmeal with raisins and walnuts. A slow pack up to let the tent dry and a ride through the park. My site.

A nice roll out with the trucks on SR 64 to Rye Rd. and the giraffe.

An all time SMBC favorite, Spencer-Parrish Rd.

Into Parrish and by the Florida Railroad Museum. I had thought earlier in the day that I would bypass Little Manatee State Park and just go home. This was the case. I will do an overnighter to Little Manatee River State Park next month. peace out Tres

9 thoughts on “Bike packing trip Lake Manatee State Park-82.5 miles

  1. Great pictures Tres … thanks for the blog.
    Hope your shoes were dry from Sunday… took mine 2 days to dry out. Is that a real giraffe?
    Live out Loud

  2. Such good news from you, Tres. Hope you and your family have a great and healthy holiday. Looking forward to hearing about more great adventures in 2021! Peace and joy! AmL

  3. What a great, well deserved little trip. Home just in time to get washed up for Noche Buena. Merry Christmas to you and the Commish!

  4. Merry Christmas 🎄 to your and your family
    Looks like another beautiful ride
    The best things in life are not things

  5. WOW! Always such great photos & information when you post your rides. I really enjoyed all of the photos but the best ones are of you smiling and obviously having such a great time!
    Merry Christmas!
    Love you both!

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