WUSF Everglades Canoe trip

I was fortunate enough to snag a spot off the waitlist to attend a supported Everglades canoe trip benefitting WUSF. My dear friend Chris Wilkerson was available to attend so away we went to Monument Lake Campground.

We met there to go to a docent led wet walk behind Clyde Butcher’s studio in Ochopee. WOW!

Orchids and Bromeliads.

It was just amazing. Over 2 hour walk. Chris and I were able to quickly go into Everglades City and a quick look at Rod and Gun Club. An old favorite.

Back to camp with a nice dinner. The tour operator was Wilderness Inquiry and they were great.

We had an early out for transfer of this canoe city to Collier Seminole State Park. Everything in the canoes before we head out.

It took longer to get in and we paddled to Tazz Key and camping before setting up home base on Whitehorse Key.

It was high enough to withstand tide and appeared beautiful until the no see ums. Talk about WOW. In tents at 6 pm.

Happy to get moving to Whitehorse Key.

It was in this day that we saw the flock of pelicans that were the featured image. Whitehorse Key was great and more often than not the bugs were not bad at all. The most spectacular green flash I have ever seen.

The next day was a longer paddle from home base to Buttonwood Bay Beach. Fishing and instructions before leaving.

The next day a shorter paddle to a beach near by and lunch. Manatee sighting.

Last night was pizzas and sunset.

Final day with breakfast, instructions and a heartfelt goodbye for all the participants. It was a great group of people. Our 2 guides Julie and Alex worked there tails off for our comfort.

4 thoughts on “WUSF Everglades Canoe trip

  1. Tray… Very grateful for all the pictures. I didn’t bring my camera along because I didn’t think the battery charge would last. Not realizing I could put it on airplane mode..DAH. There are two special moments that I will never forget in those six days and nights that we spent together.. One was the 120+ pelicans taking flight above us all at once. The other was the once in a lifetime sighting of the EMERALD flash at the sunset. Unforgettable.
    Until we meet again..Steve

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