Wednesday morning Aitutaki after a cyclone hit Fiji

We had heard that Fiji was hit with a cyclone and the tail of it would cause some storming in Aitutaki. It did. Big swells of waves going over the lagoon reef with high winds and intermittent heavy rains.

My wife sent me out for breakfast in the rain. Poncho man.

We read for awhile and our room was made up. After a couple of hours and the rain had subsided some we went for a walk down the road to Pacific resort.

Lunch in room with short nap the pool swim. No snorkeling in lagoon today. Cleaned up and went to town for the Amuri village presentation of dance, music and singing in what is known as Koni Raoni. It was great. It is only done 2 times per year, Christmas and New Years.

Quick ride home.

Dinner at Sam and Beverly’s. Lamb shank to die for with rice and vegetables and passion fruit ice cream. Peace out Tres

One thought on “Wednesday morning Aitutaki after a cyclone hit Fiji

  1. I see now what the locals looked like. I love the palm frond sun hats. Too bad you couldn’t get a Koni Raini shirt. That sunset is beautiful.

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