Thursday morning Aitutaki

I was given an option to borrow a scooter and did so. A great solo roll around the island.

I came back and got Mariella convinced I could manage a grandma scooter ride down to the north end of the island for lunch and a surprise and she hesitantly agreed. The surprise was the aquatic nature center that farms… clams.

It was a big treat for Mariella, as well as me, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was an amazing kaleidoscope of colors and sizes. We had lunch at the the Boatshed Restaurant with a colorful history and museum. Jimmy Buffett looked like he could have been here. Maybe he has.

On the scooter we hopped and I showed Mariella the Aitutaki Lagoon Villas. She was nervous on the scooter but, was a real trooper.

A long swim in a cloudy lagoon then the pool. Dinner at Sam and Beverly’s and it was lovely. Larry an American ex pat ate with us and it was a real nice evening. Lasagna with salad and passion fruit ice cream. Sam and Beverly were great hosts. They go to Raro for the weekend.

Peace out Tres