Monday morning Aitutaki

A very lazy rollout after a grand day. Another outstanding breakfast at Etu Moana. It was decided that I would dawn bike clothes and get the best bike I could to cycle into town for the proverbial lunch stuff. Mariella would stay back and enjoy an easy morning. The road called.

I had a 3 speed metro bike with a basket. I got some more air in the tires. It seemed the bike only rolled so well but, off I went into Arutunga harbor.

I wanted to explore some more and up the hill I started. I climbed up to a ridge above town. Very cool neighborhood.

I followed the signs for Piraki lookout. It appeared that the 3 speed internal hub on the bike was intermittently catching and braking the bike causing it to slow. I had a piece of hill that just was not getting it done with the bike so. Not sure I was all the way but I was where I would stop and turn around. The views were cool.

I got down to Maina superstore and got my shopping list. Back down the road I went.

Mariella has a swim in the lagoon while I was away. A swim, shower, lunch, nap and reading for me, before fabulous grilled chicken at Sam and Beverly’s Local Grinds Restaurant.

I brought Sam his pineapple top. Really nice people. Peace out Tres

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