Rarotonga to Aitu, Cook Island

Ate at the night market last night. Coconut curry lamb. Fab!

It had rained all night and was not sure we would leave. I was assured that we would due to the higher wind capacities of the smaller Air Rarotonga planes used for Island hops.

Aitu has 376 people living on it and it was a Pacific paradise. Roger the owner of Aitu Villas picked us up and showed us around the island as went to the villas.

The grounds were beautiful. We ate some lunch from the pantry in the room. Napped then went with my snorkel stuff to the coast down the hill and Mariella walked into town.

Tried to snorkel but not much. A family staying at Atiu Villas had rented the car and shoved me in. A great community meal of Wahoo. Cave tour tomorrow.

Peace Tres

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